About Us

Atlantic is a light asset drayage transportation provider across the country. Our main focus is to provide containerized services in order to maintain the level of expertise and industry knowledge that is required to provide the very best result for our customers.

The company was founded in New York back in 2011, working the piers day and night. Our customers demanded we expand to continue to service them at other ports and rails in the U.S, so we did. Whether it is an expedited shipment or a project that requires to be carefully planned, we want to be the ones you call.

Our focus is the customer.

We find that through implementation of strategic company goals, which focus on service, safety and security, we can do the best job of meeting our Customer’s requirements in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

As drayage specialists, we serve as an integral link in the supply chain management system. We recognize the critical nature of our role, and we are inspired to serve our clients reliably and competently, at all times.

We are a winning team of capable leaders, associates and agent partners who respond quickly and efficiently to change and are able to adapt aggressively to the Customer’s needs.